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Secret Santa is a Kazakh project launched in 2015, when the Secret Santa Christmas game (gift exchange among colleagues and friends) became popular in Kazakhstan.

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

6 months ago

казахстанский проект Тайный Санта

We made our website similar to foreign services, people have been playing Secret Santa there for years. As the site developed, we expanded its functionality and also added features that users asked us for. To keep up with modern trends, we redesign it if necessary and improve something yearly.


At the end of 2017, "Secret Santa" project became a winner of the russian contest Cybertrassa.



Surprisingly, our project became competitive not only in the Russian-speaking space, - visitors come to us from all over the world. Initially, the site was aimed at a Russian-speaking audience, but later we added support for English and Ukrainian languages.

We live in Kazakhstan, but Russian is our native language, so we publish our content on social networks in this language. In our community, we provide technical support and maintain a festive mood during the Christmas period. We'll be glad to cooperate with you and just be friends!