The privacy policy applies to all personal data obtained through the site (hereinafter mentioned as the Site). By users we mean:

  1. authorized visitors of the Site,
  2. users communicating with representatives of the Site by mail and on its pages on social networks.

By providing their data to the Site, users acknowledge their consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with thе Policy.

The Policy may be changed by the Site owner at any time at his discretion.

Personal data means any information related to a specific user directly or indirectly:

  1. data provided by the user when registering on the Site using the Site instructions;
  2. any data of the Site owner, except for those that he publicly posted on the Site and on his social media pages.

As part of the provision of services, the Site requests from the user only the data that is necessary to provide a specific service. The Site owner is not responsible for the content of data provided by users.

Users' personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  1. identification of the user when using the functions of the Site;
  2. processing user applications and requests;
  3. communication with the user if necessary, including sending him service notifications and requests related to the provision of services.

Only Site manager is allowed to process users’ personal data, who complies with the requirements of confidentiality and security of personal data when processing it.

The Site owner has the right to transfer the user’s personal data to third parties in the following cases:

  • the user has expressed his consent to such actions in writing;
  • data transfer is provided for by law within the established legal procedure.
In this case, all obligations to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy rest with the data recipient in relation to the data received by him.


The security of users’ personal data is ensured by the Site using information security systems and technically secure communication channels.

Backing up personal data to prevent its loss is not a violation of confidentiality.

When processing personal data, the Site’s information systems provide:

  • secure storage of user personal data and encryption of passwords set by users;
  • prevention of unauthorized access to personal data and their transfer to persons who don't have the right to access such information;
  • timely detection of facts of unauthorized access to personal data and technical failures;
  • prevention of external influence on technical means of automated processing of personal data, as a result of which their functioning may be disrupted;
  • the ability to restore personal data modified due to unauthorized access or as a result of technical failures;
  • regular monitoring of the level of security of personal data.

Registration of a user on the Site provides him with personal access to his data with the possibility of storing and modifying it.

The user’s personal data obtained during his authorization through social networks is stored in his profile on the Site only after his consent.

The user can revoke consent to the processing of his personal data by independently deleting his account on the Site. In this case, all data associated with the user (comments, publications, ratings, games, etc.) will be deleted from the Site.

Password recovery is carried out by the user independently using the instructions on the Site. The password is restored only if the user confirms this action received from the email address he specified.

Users' personal data is protected from:

  • unauthorized mail and social newsletters on behalf of the Site;
  • displaying their data in public search results on the Site.
It is prohibited to send spam on behalf of any contacts belonging to the Site owner.