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Secret Santa rules

Secret Santa is a fun Christmas game for a friendly group, in which at least 3 people can participate.

Secret Santa
Secret Santa

7 months ago

Who is the gift exchange suitable for?


  • for a company of friends,
  • for a work team,
  • for family


Advantages of the gift exchange


  • efficiency
  • intrigue
  • opportunity to unite your team


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Essence of the game


Secret Santa rulesThe point of the game is to exchange gifts between participants. Your giftee is chosen randomly and known only to you. No one knows other people' giftees until the gifts are exchanged. And no one knows who got his or her name.


Gift exchange takes place on the date you set, when the whole company gathers for the party. Until this moment, each participant must prepare a gift for his or her Santa.


For free


The site «Secret Santa» is a Christmas project,
where you can exchange gifts with your friends for free!

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See step-by-step instructions in a desirable format:



Briefly about the game:


Play Secret Santa

Step-by-step instructions for the game organizer:


  1. First of all, schedule and create an event.
  2. Send the gift exchange link to participants.
  3. In response to your invitation, participants will send you their applications, - you’ll receive a notification for each of them. In order for players to participate in the gift exchange, you must approve each application before the registration deadline.
  4. If you encounter any difficulties in controlling the game, you can appoint any approved participant as your assistant. At the same time, all functions of the organizer will become available to him or her, including receiving administrative notifications.
  5. If there are more than 3 participants in your game, then you have an opportunity to specify exceptions: you can set several pairs of players that shouldn’t match each other. This is useful if there are people on your team who shouldn’t be paired, or if you just don't want to repeat a teammate that was your Santa in a previous game. By adding an exception, you can be sure that the first participant won’t match to the second one, and vice versa. The number of exceptions cannot be more than 30% of total number of participants.
  6. When the registration period expires, the draw function will become available. Only approved users will participate in the draw. Each of them will receive a secret message with their giftee.
  7. You can fill out your wish list immediately after registering on the site. Your Secret Santa will be interested to see your preferences. If you add any item to your wish list or trash list after the drawing, your Santa will receive a notification about it. So he or she will be able to follow your desires and can give you exactly what you want.
  8. In the section Gift ideas you can see the wishes added by other users. You can add any idea from this list to your wish list with one click.
  9. The section What's new? is your personal page where all your gift exchanges are collected, as well as news from other participants.
  10. Everyone comes to the Christmas party with a gift. You can exchange your gifts one by one, or you can come up with something more original, for example, asking participants to guess who their Santa. So, just imagine!

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